Copper Weathervanes by Sky Art Studio

If you have a special interest and are wondering if it can be expressed as a weathervane ornament the answer is yes.  We have made weathervane sports figures, animal, dog, fish, and bird weathervanes, commercial weathervanes, and much more.

People are looking up to SkyArt Studio weathervane’s in over 45 states, England, and the Canadian provinces.  Look around you now and perhaps you can see a SkyArt weathervane.  If you have an idea for a weathervane and want to know what is possible, browse our archives of unique custom pieces and let your imagination go to work.  We love to hear new weathervane ideas and we also love to work with clients to find something undiscovered in even the most traditional forms. Whatever you have to say, traditional or unusual, personal or commercial let us help you say it with a weathervane.

Swell-Bodied weathervanes are carefully hand formed out of sheet copper using traditional repousse techniques, not metal molds. Swell-bodied weathervane are characterized as two-sided figures, hollow bodied with depth.  The figures incorporate metal texturing, relief, and a strong realistic likeness to the design itself.  We join our metals using silver solder, and phosphorous bronze welding sticks.

The swell-bodied weathervane is the most popular format chosen.

Swell-Bodied Weathervanes

Certain designs in flat copper weathervanes are admirably suited for the depiction of text, logos, and silhouettes as well as traditional banner’s.   By utilizing precision cutting technology, SkyArt can convert just about any image into machine readable format and incorporate great detail to achieve a personalized design.

Silhouettes can be fabricated in a copper sheet, copper plate, aluminum and stainless steel.

Silhouette Weathervane