The three-dimensional design is a more complicated format in comparison to the swell-bodied format.  This method consists of multiple patterns, multiple pieces of sculpted and formed copper and generally have an internal structural framework. Greater detail is involved resulting in a longer project cycle.  As with the other format styles, a variety of finish options are offered including 23K gold leaf, colored patinas, or small hand painted elements as finishing touches.  These pieces are sculpted and formed in copper sheet and usually incorporate other metals such as brass or bronze.

What goes into a weathervane design and fabrication?

Artwork, rendering and image composition

Pattern creation, transfer of pattern(s) to copper

Cutting and forming major copper segments

Hammering, stretching, and annealing copper, repousse, chasing, fabrication of other elements

Joining weathervane and elements via welding and soldering

Stainless and brass assembly

Balance and rotation

Cleaning copper, polishing, line removal, application of patina or other finish

US Coast Guard Eagle Weathervane in Meriden, CT

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