Sizing Your Weathervane

What size weathervane do I need?  Generally speaking this is one of the first questions asked by our customers when they decide they’d like to have a custom weathervane fabricated.
There is a general rule that answers this question:  for every foot of roofline an equal sum in inches is required and a few extra.  That is a 24 foot 2 car garage would be well served with a 25 to 28 inch weathervane.  Other considerations when determining an appropriate size weathervane ornament will include the overall height of the structure, specific location on roofline, breezeway, portico, garage, turret, residential or commercial tower and finally for cupola installations, the dimensions and style of the cupola will be important factors to look at.  We can help you with this process as well as offer scaled drawings that will help you evaluate the correct and balanced scale for your custom weathervane.  For a beginning perspective, please take a moment and peruse the drawings we have here.

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