Ivory Billed Woodpecker Weathervane

The ivory billed woodpecker weathervane and tree are
swell-bodied and two dimensional with excellent detail in form and texture.
The woodpecker is unmistakable in its identity.
Finished is a mild bronze patina.  Standard assembly is included.

Price on 24″ Arrow $2,595.00
Price on 36″  Arrow $3,695.00

Any Size, Modified Arrow or Weathervane Style
Can be created.  203.630.9171
or Email:  info@skyartstudio.com

This design is available in 24″and 36″ horizontal.
Standard assembly includes:
brass directional set NSEW
2 copper balls (2″ & 4″)
stainless steel mast with 3/4″ of x 28″L

Shipping and crating are additional.


The ivory-billed woodpecker ranks among the largest woodpeckers in the world and is the largest in the United States.
The closely related and likewise possibly extinct imperial woodpecker (C. imperialis) of western Mexico is,
or was, the largest woodpecker.  Source Wikipedia