Commercial Weathervanes

SkyArt Studio will coordinate and support construction schedules, confirm artwork for fabrication viability, and assist in planning unique installation settings. We have many years of experience in assessing hardware and other requirements needed for a secure mast termination

COMMERCIAL WEATHERVANES. SkyArt custom weathervanes allow businesses to send a positive message to the public. All large-scale, architect-designed weathervanes are fabricated in our Connecticut studio and built with heavy-gauge materials ensuring safe and maintenance-free construction.

Always eagerly headed into the heart of the wind, no architectural element lifts the spirit as readily as a beautifully designed, handmade custom weathervane! To help our clients engage and inform their public, we have built both silhouette and sculpted sheet metal weathervanes of construction vehicles, buses, stagecoaches (for Wells Fargo Bank), business logos, grapes (for a vineyard) etc.! If you have an idea for a weathervane and want to know what is possible, scroll down to our archive below of unique, custom commercial weathervanes and let your imagination go to work. We can produce work from any machine readable document.  Our weathervanes can be seen in every state across the U.S. and Canada with the largest commercial weathervanes being an 8-foot horse for a Thoroughbred farm, a 7 foot Logo banner for a bank in South Carolina.

  • Golf-Course-Owl Maryland
    Golf-Course-Owl Maryland
  • Philadelphia Pet Hotel and Villas
    Philadelphia Pet Hotel and Villas
  • Philadelphia Pet Hotel
    Philadelphia Pet Hotel
  • Witch Hazel Weathervane Essex CT
    Witch Hazel Weathervane Essex CT

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