Silhouette Weathervanes


Silhouette Weathervanes can be fabricated and cut with high precision as traditional or abstract ornaments.  Incorporate letters, dates, scrollwork, small copper sculpture and the design grows visually.

The silhouette “style” should be considered a choice alongside a three-dimensional or swell-bodied piece for many themes and purposes.  For example, landmark symbols for transportation, professional designation, industry, personal interest and much more.

Primarily cut in heavy gauge copper, these designs over time and location will exhibit the naturally occurring patina of copper.  Our design and machining capability allows this style to stand out just as well as our hand-formed, 2-sided weathervanes.

Family Memories to Pass Down

Kids in pick-up truck weathervane are based on an actual photograph sent to us by our customer.  Go-Cart Weathervane is from a photograph from a Grandfather. He asked that we capture the essence of his Daughter and Grand-Son.
The Beach Chair Couple was entirely designed by our customer as an anniversary gift to her husband.  The design included the first letter of their kids name as the compass points.

Beach Chairs Weathervane

 Professional Designation


Commercial Architect-Designed Accents

Fall River Weathervane1a

Branford Train StationR


Sports Enthusiasts Silhouette-Styles

Baseball and Soccer WeathervanesRollie_Free_Weathervane

Shown are the various ferrous and non-ferrous metals we work with.  Steel, Copper, and Aluminum.