Weathervanes Resources



Description and origins of weathervanes.

The Value of Custom Weather Vanes

Article about the value of adding custom weathervanes to your residence or corporate building.

Resources for Builders and Contractors

Custom Building and Architectural Restoration Artisans

Resources about architectural artisan, designer, builders and contractors. If you have a unique proposition to make to the custom building and/or historic restoration field - this is the right place for you.

Copper and Metal Work

ABANA - The Artist Blacksmith's Association of North America, Inc.

Web-Site devoted to the art and craft of Blacksmithing. SkyArt Studio is a proud member of ABANA.

The Guild of Metalsmiths

The Guild of Metalsmiths exists to educate it's members and the community at large, about metalworking in general and blacksmithing in particular. This includes all forms of metalsmithing from traditional blacksmithing to contemporary art forms. The arts and trades of our members include, but are not limited to, general blacksmithing, sculpture, tinsmithing, coppersmithing, furniture making and architectural wrought iron; as well as bronze casting, knife making, jewelry, gold and silver smithing.


Everything you ever wanted to know about copper and its alloys.

Copper Indoor Fountains

Copper indoor fountains, garden fountain and copper birdfeeders from Waterfall Forge.

Outdoor Garden Fountains

Copper indoor fountains, garden fountain and copper birdfeeders from Waterfall Forge.

General Interest

Shelburne Museum

Shelburne Museum, founded in 1947, is one of the nation's most eclectic museums of art, Americana, architecture, and artifacts. Thirty-nine galleries and exhibition structures display over 150,000 objects spanning four centuries. Outstanding collections of folk art, decorative arts, tools, toys, textiles, and transportation vehicles are exhibited.

Crossroads Village Carousel

The Carousel is 40 feet in diameter and is illuminated by 588 7-1/2 watt incandescent bulbs. Features include; 36 handcarved wooden jumping horses in 3 rows, a dragon chariot and four metal kiddie's ponies with a mother's bench. Many of the three sets of inner scenery panels are original. Music is provided by an equally rare Artizan band organ. Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad - Flint Michigan

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