Handmade Weathervanes

Weathervanes by SkyArt Studio & Gallery

Custom crafted weathervanes from the metalsmiths at SkyArt Studio add a distinctive, expressive note to any building. Our weathervanes allow homeowners to add an element of personal expression to their homes and help businesses to send a positive message to the public.

Skyart senior artist L. M. Rob collaborates with each client to produce a completely

unique design in bronze, copper and other durable metals. Eagerly headed into the heart of the wind, no architectural element lifts the spirit so readily as a beautifully designed, hand made custom weathervane.

Some have commented that our hand crafted weathervanes deserve to hang in a museum, but we think they look their best outside in the elements. They are engineered to be displayed every day, all day, in every kind of season and weather. Every detail is designed for longevity and value. This is investment quality work, built for endurance, not for maintenance! Our clients install our weathervanes with confidence.

To best give expression to the client's vision, we work in a variety of metal formats. Full bodied (or swell bodied) weathervanes are carefully hand formed out of sheet copper using traditional repousse techniques, not metal molds. Skyart coppersmiths excel at full bodied models of anything made by man or nature; from the human figure to a city bus. We also produce flat work which we find is admirably suited for the depiction of text, logos and silhouettes as well as the traditional bannerette. SkyArt can convert just about any image into a machine-readable format for a personalized design. Work can be custom finished in 23 Karat gold leaf, paint, cultured patina or in a natural finish intended to verdirgris as it ages. We offer flat work in aluminum as well as copper because it can be painted or receive an anodized finish in any color.

If you have a special interest and are wondering if it can be expressed in a weathervane the answer is yes. We have made weathervanes for sports (from golf to soccer to skiing), birds (cranes, owls and, of course, eagles), animals (frogs, rabbits, beloved pets and, of course, horses) and commercial activities as varied as fire suppression and construction (fully detailed fire trucks, cranes and dump trucks). People are looking up to a Skyart Studio weathervane in over 45 states and Canadian provinces. Look around you now and perhaps you can see a Skyart weathervane. If you have an idea for a weathervane and want to know what is possible, browse our archives of unique, custom weathervanes and let your imagination go to work. We love to hear new weathervane ideas and we also love to work with clients to find something undiscovered in even the most traditional forms. Whatever you have to say, traditional or unusual, personal or commercial, let us help you say it with a weathervane!